A Call For Sharpshooters

A Call For Sharpshooters December 30, 2013

 Youmight not realize it, but there are two approaches to expert marksmanship. Thefirst is to train the crosshairs on the exact center of the target, take a deepbreath, exhale about halfway and hold it, and slowly squeeze the shot off,holding your aim steady on the bull’s-eye the entire time. The second approachis to forget all that disciplined skill and just shoot the rifle. Then, youjust go paint a target around the spot where the slug leaves a hole. Prettysimple, huh? 

Obviously ajoke. That’s not how sharpshooters are made—by firing first and painting later.But sometimes that’s how we live our lives, isn’t it? We don’t really aim formuch; we just do what comes naturally and then see where we end up. Howstrange! And how unbiblical! 

Ever noticehow many people in the Bible purposed to live a certain way or aim for aspecific goal? “Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with theking’s food, or with the wine that he drank.” (Dan 1:8). “I have made acovenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin?” (Job 31:1) “I presson toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”(Phil 3:14). Daniel, Job, and Paul all have a target and are aiming directly atit. 

So here weare, at the start of a brand new year. I wonder where we’ll be when theholidays roll around again in 2014. Will we be more faithful in our devotions?Will we have talked to anyone about Jesus? Will we know God better throughprayer and meditation on His word? Will we have given Him our best every day,or will we give only enough to get by? 

Here’s whatI’d like to suggest. Take some time this New Year to evaluate your life. Pray alot. Think hard. Then write down a few specific “targets” at which you’re goingto aim for 2014. 

After youwrite down your goals, do one more thing. Read over and pray about them atleast weekly. In reviewing them like this, we’ll be following the great exampleof Jonathan Edwards, who used to read hislist of personal resolutions weekly, too (a list that grew to 70 goalsby the time he finished!). 

Let’s aimfor something significant this year, shall we? No more firing first andpainting later!