A Message Still Relevant

A Message Still Relevant April 13, 2015

A few yearsago, I was flipping through the booklet of a newly released hymns CD, surveyingthe artists’ reasons for why they chose to rerecord these particular Christianclassics. I balked when I read this one: “I have always loved this particularhymn [“Fairest Lord Jesus”], and though written in 1677, its message is stillrelevant today.” What is it about our Christian culture that assumes old isinherently irrelevant? Just listen to the voices in the Christian market. Weare obsessed with everything novel, fresh, different, innovative, and original.

The gospelis as old as Abraham (cf. Gal 3:8), as old as Adam and Eve (cf. Gen 3:15). Butyou can’t get a message any more relevant than the gospel.

The gospel isrelevant because it orients people to a Person bigger than themselves, andeverybody longs to get around true greatness. The gospel says, “It’s not allabout you. It’s about God.”

It’srelevant because it turns people on to a cause bigger than their own happiness,namely, the unstoppable advance of God’s eternal kingdom on this earth; andeverybody longs to live for something truly meaningful. The gospel says,“Forget your pitiful attempts at empire building, and come live for a causethat even hell can’t stop and even eternity won’t erase.”

It’srelevant because it confirms that haunting sense that we are not what we shouldbe—it tells us we are sinful rebels against our Creator King. The gospel says,“Those whispers you hear inside are correct; you are guilty.”

It’srelevant because it assures us that our Creator King freely offers amnesty toall His rebellious subjects who will turn from their sin and flee to Him formercy. The gospel says, “Full forgiveness, a clean conscience, and peace withyour King can be yours… for free.”

It’srelevant because it explains how the laws of the universe have not beenviolated by this stunning offer of forgiveness, but instead God’s justice wassatisfied in the death of His Son so that His mercy can flow to His blood-boughtchildren. The gospel says, “God’s wrath against you was fully spent, notwithheld, but on His Son instead of upon you.”

Is it new?Nope. Been around for thousands of years. It’s just the simple and stunningmessage that we are a mess but Jesus came to save us from ourselves. And youjust can’t get more relevant than that!