• We plan to send our short video announcements of current plans.
  • We plan to have our online time of prayer this week except for Monday, Memorial Day.
    • If you have problems connecting, please contact Jim Simons.  We hope to minimize the need for online meetings but they are likely to be a resource for high risk members and sick & shut ins.
  • Sunday’s gathering will be in person and live streamed.  Details are forthcoming.
    • The recordings and live stream do not include our conversations and greetings from before and after the service.
    • Feel free to share the Sunday live stream playlist with others.  Yesterday’s recording will be available shortly.

Immanuel Mission Trip

  • We are planning to go, if the mission is comfortable with it and governmental directives allow.
  • Date of the trip is tentatively June 13 but we may also get an option for early July.
  • The auction will be postponed to early August.


  • We will likely reach at least 90% of budget by next Sunday.
  • Administrative expenses are up, since several items are paid early in the year.  Some other expenses are down, with the building not having been in much use.
  • Missions expenditures are up, due to the Niger relief project.
  • The Deacon’s fund is in higher use than normal but well funded.