Christ Ascended Over Every Virus

— Karl Peterson

“Christ ascended on high and led captivity captive,” Eph 4:8. The ascension of Jesus Christ is one of the great confessions of the Christian faith. After Easter Sunday, Jesus spent forty days with his disciples, encouraging and preparing them. Thursday May 21 marks the end of that forty-day point after Easter Sunday when Christ rose to the right hand of his Father.

Especially during these days of the coronavirus, understanding the ascension of Christ brings us great encouragement.

On Ascension Day, we remember that

  • Christ enjoys all authority in heaven and earth, Mt 28:18.
  • No demonic force can overthrow Christ’s purposes, Eph 1:20,21.
  • Death awaits its own defeat, 1 Cor 15:26,27.
  • The purging of our sins actually worked, Hb 1:3.
  • We have a constant Advocate in God’s courtroom, Rm 8:34.
  • We have a sympathetic Priest amidst our weaknesses, Hb 4:14,15.
  • We have a constant Counselor at our side, Acts 2:33.
  • We have the perfect Teacher to instruct us, Jn 16:7.
  • The mission to reach our community enjoys God’s favor, Mt 28:18.

At least three themes constantly confront us during this pandemic. But notice how the ascension of Christ addresses them all.

Human bodies are frail. We become sick and some of us die. But with Jesus’ ascension, a real flesh-and-blood human being is now ruling in heaven, Hb 2:6,7. One of us is there! Jesus ascended in his human body, not just in his spirit. We now have representation at the right hand of God.

Our future is so uncertain and plans are ever changing. We don’t know when one isolation phase will pass into the next. What’s ahead for healthcare, schools, and our jobs? And why do projections, models, and guidelines always seem to change? But Jesus’ presence on heaven’s throne is so stable, permanent, tranquil, and confident. “Your throne, O God, is forever and ever,” Hb 1:8.

We are un-humanly isolated. Breathing space from our frantic lifestyle has been a gift. But we were not built for constant seclusion. But this is the very thing the ascension of Christ defeats. Christ’s ascension guarantees that “I will be with you until the end of the age,” Mt 28:20. And it brings together one new humanity under the descended Holy Spirit.

So happy Ascension Day! The exaltation of Christ reminds us that no virus, no plague, no threat, no lack of ventilators or testing kits will ever topple the one who sits at the right hand of the Majesty on High!