Church Planting Networks

Dear Parker Hills family,

It appears to the elders that PHBF is increasingly able to consider planting a church and we are therefore considering affiliating with a church planting network.  We have begun evaluating two networks and want to inform and involve the congregation in this effort.


On October 10th we interviewed Al Barrera and Gabe Reed.  Al is a church planting catalyst with the SEND network (the church planting arm of the Southern Baptist Convention).  Gabe Reed was supported by our church, the SEND network, and the Calvary fellowship of churches to replant the Summitview church in Centennial.

On November 14th we had a question and answer time with Mark Oshman, a pastor of Redemption Parker church.  Their church works with the Acts 29 church planting network.


The elders will continue to think, interact with the congregation, and pray about the possibility of partnering with SEND or Acts 29 and plan to make a decision in the new year.


Good work is being done by both Acts 29 and the SBC’s SEND.  Both organizations are in doctrinal agreement with PHBF.  They have areas of overlap but differ considerably.

    • Both help in mentoring and assessing church planters.
    • Both have disfellowshipped churches who have abandoned sound doctrine.
    • Both offer opportunities to fellowship with other pastors.
    • SEND offers church plants extensive church planter training, some services (e.g. accounting), many volunteers for projects.
    • Acts 29 has a lower media profile and fewer controversies.  The SBC is a highly visible advocate for Biblical truth and religious liberty but is also working through a number of scandals and errors.
    • Acts 29 has a relationship with a high quality seminary.  The SBC provides several high quality seminaries, discounting tuition 50% to cooperating churches.
    • Acts 29 asks member churches for 3% of budget.  2% is for funding church plants and 1% is for gatherings, retreats, and planning among pastors.  The SBC asks for a contribution of any size (funding of missionaries and seminaries).
    • Acts 29 recommends member churches budget at least 10% toward some form of church planting.  PHBF gave about 10% to church planting and pastor training work in 2021.



    • Feel free to meet with the elders or communicate by email.
    • Please provide feedback by December 18 so that the elders can be aware of the congregation’s thinking about partnering with either of these two organizations.
    • Please take this short online survey.