Doing the Word, Part 3

Doing the Word, Part 3 February 7, 2010

One ofmy frequent prayer requests for the PHBF family is that we would be a churchfilled with people who deliberately apply the word. Not just hearers but doers.Changing our lives, not just filling our heads. Jesus’ brother James was alsodeeply concerned that Christians apply the word, and he suggested threepractical tests to see how well we are doing. Read James 1:26-27 and then askyourself these “test questions”:

1. The “words test” (v 26). What do your casualconversations indicate about your spiritual health? Do you encourage orcomplain? Do you gossip and slander or edify? Are your comments honorable andclean or off-color and dirty?

2. The “compassion test” (v 27). What is your gut reactionto needy people? How much time and/or money have you sacrificed for the brokenand helpless? When was the last time you visited someone specifically becausethey needed what you had to offer?

3. The “cleanliness test” (v 27). Is your life clean andwhite, or are you dirty and soiled? If Jesus spent an entire week right by yourside, how many of your normal conversations and habits and entertainments andfriendships would change?