Doing the Word

Doing the Word January 24, 2010

The point of James 1:22-25 is abundantly clear. If you’re not familiar with it,take a sec and look it up. We don’t impress God by how much of the Bible we’veheard. He’s looking for what we’ve done with it. We’re duped if we think ourknowledge of the Bible—or our daily reading of the Bible—proves much ofanything. (But do keep reading every day!!)

James uses a mirror analogy to make his point; but I’ll admit, his illustration hasalways seemed too farfetched to me. Nobody sees a mess in the mirror and justwalks away! But then I realized that the point of the analogy isn’t just todemonstrate how ridiculous it is to hear the word without doing it. His pointis a little more subtle than that.

I think the mirror analogy is more about what happens before we come to the wordthan after. It’s more about what we want from the word (our motivation) thanwhat we do with the word (our will). We approach a mirror expecting to get some help and make some changes, and that’sexactly how we should approach the word of God. The goal is not just to readthe Bible, just like the goal is not just to look into the mirror. The wholepoint of looking into the mirror and hearing the Bible is to change! The mirror is not the focus; themirror assists us to do what we really need to do—fix stuff.

So here’s the question for us: what demonstrable changes have you made because ofwhat you heard from or read in the word lately?