Fight for your Life

Fight for your Life May 2, 2010

There’sa chapter in one of my books on pastoral ministry entitled “Brothers, Fight forYour Life.” Know what it’s about? Not temptation or spiritual warfare. Norabout personal priorities, spiritual disciplines, or time management. Conflictresolution? Nope. Exercise? No. Joy? Not really. Each of these is important,but none is the focus of this chapter. “Brothers, Fight for Your Life” is achapter about reading. Fight for your life… by wielding a book. To read is tolive, at least as this author sees it.

Iagree with him. Christians (not just pastors) need to read! As I’ve argued inthe past, our personal attitude toward and practice of reading should beaffected by the fact that God has revealed Himself to us, at least in part, ina book. Furthermore, He has gifted each of us with time and with a mind to usefor Him. So even if you’re not much of a reader, won’t you consider taking upthe challenge to read a good book over the next few months?

Tohelp you find some good ones, we will be bringing back the Book Table at leastfor the next few weeks. Want to read a short biography or two? We’ve got that.A solid commentary to go with our Proverbs series? Yep. Something to help dealwith peer pressure? Check. One for strengthening your faith in God? Sure. AChristian classic? On the Book Table.

Allbooks are significantly discounted. Plus, there’s a rack full of mini-books onimportant topics which are all free. So please make sure you stop by the BookTable. And don’t delay. After all, you’re fighting for your life.