Forgiven Much, Loves Much

Luke 7:36-8:3

1. A woman crashes a dinner party, 7:36-39
2. Jesus tells a story, 7:40-43
3. The woman loves much, 7:44-47
4. One question, three declarations, 7:48-50
The “scandals” of forgiveness
1. Free forgiveness looked so sensual.
2. We are not in control of God’s grace.
3. Free forgiveness seems so unfair.
4. We want “go in peace” without “your sins are many and forgiven.”
5. Forgiveness seems like a ticket to free-for-all iniquity.
Forgiveness – Cancelling the Debt
Forgiveness from God is his legal, invisible, once-forever and yet continually ongoing pardon of our offenses against him, motivated by his pure pity, based upon atonement of Jesus’ death, in which God does not exonerate the act of sin but he exonerates the sinner of the legal and eternal consequences of his or her transgressions (past, present, and future) resulting in inner peace, love to God, freedom to be gracious in all our relationships, and qualifies us for eternity with Christ.
Forgiveness is Not:
• Belittling your crime.
• Freeing you from all consequences of your transgression.
• Enacted just because God is really nice.
Loving Much