Happy In God

Do you have a goal when you read your Bible? I’m hoping a normal part of your daily routine is to read and mediate on the word of God. As I wrote last week, that’s a critically important habit, and the benefits to your life will be incalculable if you keep it up faithfully over time. But I’m wondering, what’s your aim for your Bible reading? What are you looking for or hoping to find—maybe an additional duty, some intriguing biblical fact, an inspiring verse? Or do you just read to get your reading done? Here’s a suggestion from George Mueller, the great man of prayer and faith. Mueller wrote in his journal:

The first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day was to have my soul happy in the Lord. The first thing to be concerned about was not how much I might serve the Lord, how I might glorify the Lord; but how I might get my soul into a happy state, and how my inner man might be nourished. The most important thing I had to do was to give myself to the reading of the Word of God and to meditation on it, that thus my heart might be comforted and encouraged. Not the simple reading of the Word of God, so that it only passes through our minds, just as water runs through a pipe, but considering what we read, pondering over it, and applying it to our hearts. Formerly, when I rose, I began to pray as soon as possible. But I often spent a quarter of an hour to an hour on my knees struggling to pray while my mind wandered. Now I rarely have this problem. As my mind is nourished by the truth of the Word, I am brought into true fellowship with God. I speak to my Father and to my Friend (although I am unworthy) about the things that He has brought before me in His precious Word.

So here’s an idea for your morning devotions. Read with a goal in mind. And rather than choosing new information or more duties as your goal, choose fresh hope in God as your goal. Get your soul “happy in the Lord.” Meditate on what you see of Jesus until your mind opens to see His glory, your heart warms with affection for Him, and your will bows to His Lordship. Read to be satisfied in God.