Members Meeting

Dear Parker Hills family,

A couple details about the upcoming annual meeting:

  • DATE: Sunday, January 31, 3:30-4:30 PM, please call in 5 minutes early to avoid delays
  • LOCATION: online via Zoom
  • ACCESS by phone
    • Call 346-248-7799. Use Meeting ID 947 584 6236 and Passcode 049151.
    • Members & regular attenders are all welcome to attend & participate.
    • Only members will be counted in the voting.
    • Only 1 person can vote per Zoom login.
    • You cannot vote if logged into Zoom only by phone.  (using phone audio would not prevent voting by PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).
    • If you are unable to vote in Zoom, contact Jim Simons or the church office to get a vote by email form.

Please note we will NOT be using Google Meet, which we have used for most of our virtual meetings in the past.

We will vote first on the 2021 Budget.  In Zoom you will see a blank voting form as shown below.  Once you have chosen how to vote the “Submit” button will light up.  You can then click submit to complete that vote.


Below is an example vote on the budget.  Note the Submit button is lit up in blue.  A member would then need to click on Submit to finalize voting on the budget.



We will then vote on church officers.  This is a longer list and you will need to scroll down to vote on all choices.  As before, the Submit button will not be available until you vote on all choices.  Once the Submit button turns blue you will be able to submit your votes.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!