My Prayer for the Immanuel Mission Trip

My Prayer for the Immanuel Mission Trip June 20, 2011

Your love, O Lord, is better than life. But my heart fears to say what it only so faintly feels. You know my heart…how fiercely I have to fight to keep my longings inclined toward you instead of the glitz and sparkle of the American Dream. Living in this Disneyland which is America, how quickly I forget that I am a stranger, a sojourner just passing through this foreign land to my real country. I get confused. I begin to see this earth as my home.

O God, please satisfy me today with your steadfast love. Please open my eyes to the surpassing splendor of Christ my Savior and heaven my home. Jesus, you promised that anyone who drinks of the living water you offer will never thirst again…that life eternal is to know you and your Father. Please enflame this passion in my soul all over again.

And please do it in the hearts of every person we send to Immanuel Mission this week. Please make the best things that this earth offers as disgusting as garbage to them when they ponder the worth of knowing Jesus and magnifying Him in life or in death.

Do it for our whole church family. Fill us with such delight in you and such hope in your promises that we will eagerly abandon all our earthly dreams for the sake of the nations.

I ask especially for your grace to hold sway with the parents. Give them your vision for their children. Gently remind them that their sons and daughters are safer in your good hands than their own. May their tears water the harvest that their own children reap.

And for our students…please don’t let our high school and college students waste their lives on a good job, a nice family, a happy retirement and no hell after death. Make them long to live for something more, to live for the one thing that really matters: the fame of your name in all the earth. Please cause them to feel the truth of Jesus’ words: “Whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.”

I ask you to take captive the hearts of every single one of us. Fill us with such zeal and hope that nothing but “losing our life for your sake” will satisfy. Make these things happen in our church through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. Amen.