Natalie Update – June 28

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are having a restful Sunday!
Before our Middle School 2 A retreat and Coworker’s 1 retreat completely gets going, I wanted to update you on how God worked last week….
We had three FLS (Family Life Service) kids come up last week to participate in our Grade School 1 A and B retreats. While I was excited to meet them, I was worried about how they would respond to seeing me, since I wasn’t able to give them a proper goodbye at the end of May. But my fear immediately diminished when at check-in I heard the kids say “It’s Natalie!” I was so excited to see them, that I totally forgot how to do my job of taking people’s temperatures. The whole week ended up being a total blast for me as I was able to see their skits, watch them play in the pool, and briefly talk with them at meal times.
Since the retreats are so short, we aren’t able to see as clearly how many kids’ lives are being changed by the gospel. So when we heard that there were 2 kids that were saved and 4 rededicated their lives to Christ this past week, we were overjoyed! It’s so encouraging to see how God is still using this brief time at Camp to eternally impact people’s lives!
The last fun thing that I want to tell you about actually started last November/December…some of you know Jonathan Murray, who used to go to Parker Hills Bible Fellowship several years ago. Well, to make a long story short, after talking with a few people at church, he asked me out to lunch in November and in December he asked if he could pursue me. I said yes:)  He currently lives in Tennessee where he is getting his Masters in exercise and sports science at Cumberland University. He is also working at the school as a GA with their weight training program.
The reason that I bring him up is that this past week he came out to Colorado to counsel Adventure Bound for the first part of the week and was working on maintenance for the second part of the week. It was really fun to have him here, but it was also really hard for a couple of reasons. First, it’s hard because I just wanted to hangout and talk, but we both have jobs that we needed to do. Second, it was hard because I already have trouble with taking time out of the day to just take care of myself. So when Jonathan was here, I became even more aware of how challenging this is for me. Needless to say I’m thankful for my coworkers who helped/pushed me to take time for myself and to make time to spend with Jonathan.
A few things I would love prayer for this week:
  • Continued health, safety, strength, and patience for all of the staff.
  • Wisdom on how to date Jonathan with him being long distance and me being in the middle of a crazy summer camp season.
  • I would be able to see God’s goodness and fall more in love with Him.
  • Joy for each day.
Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement! Please let me know if there is anything I can be praying about for you!