News, not advice

Spreading is inherent to Christianity. That’s because our faith is centered on news, not advice. Advice is a recommendation about what you should do, usually for your improvement. News is a declaration about what someone else has done, often to your amazement. That’s exactly what the gospel is—the good news about how Jesus died and rose again for the healing of the world. Obviously then, Christianity brings news, not advice.

All of this is to say, again, that spreading is inherent to Christianity. So let me give you a few practical reminders to embolden you and strengthen your determination to spread the Good News.

First, the gospel is an extremely shareable message. It isn’t just good news; it’s the best news a person could ever possibly hear! The gospel confirms our inner sense that we are not what we should be, but it answers to our greatest hopes that we can be accepted anyway. It says, “Yes, those whispers you hear inside are correct; you are guilty. But full forgiveness, a clean conscience, and peace with your King can be yours for free! God’s wrath against your rebellion, ignorance, and failure has already been fully spent—just on His Son instead of upon you.”

Second, you have the authority and power of the Godhead at work behind your own witness. You are not bearing witness alone. The Father loves to save sinners. The Son loves for His death to be made known. And the Spirit loves to magnify Jesus.

It’s so easy to forget this, isn’t it? So often I mistake my responsibility in evangelism as using my own powers to convict and change the unbeliever. In this view, God is standing back like a gentleman, quietly waiting for the sinner to render a verdict and hoping it’s a favorable one. But that’s precisely backward! I am supposed to be the gentleman, simply making clear this life-changing news. Then I stand back while God uses all His extensive powers to convict and change the sinner. God wants sinners saved! He will help you because He is eager for His gospel to be known.

Finally, we suburban Americans are in a special situation. Christians are not being oppressed or persecuted. We may be ridiculed or disrespected, but we still enjoy the protections of our Constitution. It’s not going to get much easier than this. If you won’t bear witness to the Lord Jesus now, in spite of whatever small hostility you may experience, when will you do it?