No Little People

No Little People April 1, 2013

“He is not here, for He has risen!” It’s the mostimportant claim in all of Christian theology, the most important moment inhuman history! Of course, such an important announcement demands an equallyimportant messenger. The gospel accounts tell us it was an angel, whose“appearance was like lightning, and his clothing white as snow” (Mt 28:3). Thatshould do it. And how about the recipients of this amazing news? To what worthyperson did God send this impressive emissary? Caiaphas the high priest? Pilatethe governor? Herod the tetrarch? Caesar the emperor? Peter, James, and John,Jesus’ three closest apostles?

Nope. The angel made the announcement to some women.And, what’s even more scandalous, He instructed these women to go share theawesome news with the disciples. Keep in mind that women were viewed asinferior, insignificant, more of a necessary evil than a blessing tosociety—solely because of their gender! Fair? Of course not. That’s just theway it was in this culture. But not with God! When He stages the most importantevent in human history and wants to tell people about it, He deliberately putsit in the mouths of some inferior, insignificant, ignored women.

And it’s not just because women were the only onesthere at the tomb that morning. John’s gospel tells us Peter and John came tothe tomb themselves that morning, but they received no special message from theangel. No, God uses society’s little people because that’s just the kind of GodHe is. 

Many of us—maybe most?—assume we’re too insignificantto matter much to God. Our faith is too weak. Our gifts are too small. Our lifeis just too normal. Don’t forget what happened at the tomb thatfirst Resurrection Sunday. Part of the message of Easter is that there are nolittle people with God.

We all long to be part of something significant, toquell that nagging suspicion in our hearts that we don’t matter and our lifeisn’t important. So we wear brand names or follow celebrities or associateourselves with something we think will make us matter. Instead, how aboutturning to the Resurrection for your source of meaning? It says, “Forget yourpitiful attempts at empire building, and come live for a cause that even deathcan’t stop and even eternity won’t erase.” For Christ is risen. He isrisen indeed!