Notable Quotes

Notable Quotes January 27, 2014

SpiritualDepression: Its Causes and Cure is acollection of 21 sermons David Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached on consecutiveSundays at Westminster Chapel sometime prior to September 1964. Here’s a samplingof my favorite quotes:

“Have you realized that most of your unhappinessin life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead oftalking to yourself?”

“Spiritual depression or unhappiness in theChristian life is very often due to our failure to realize the greatness of thegospel.”

“Believe the Word of God, my friend. Do not goon praying frantically to be forgiven that sin. Believe God’s Word. Do not askHim for a message of forgiveness. He has given it to you.”

“We must never for a second worry about anythingthat cannot be affected or changed by us. It is a waste of energy. If you cando nothing about a situation stop thinking about it; never again look back atit, never think of it. If you do, it is the devil defeating you.”

“What matters first of all if you are aChristian is not what you once were, but what you are.”

“Avoid the mistake of concentrating overmuchupon your feelings. Above all, avoid the terrible error of making themcentral.”

“I cannot make myself happy, but I can remindmyself of my belief. I can exhort myself to believe, I can address myself asthe Psalmist did in Psalm 42… That is the way. And then our feelings willlook after themselves. Do not worry about them.”

“Let us remember this man Peter, who shouldnever have looked at the waves at all. Why not? For this reason, that he hadalready settled that question before he went out of the boat! …That is alwaysthe trouble with weak faith, it comes back again to questions which it hasalready solved and answered.”

“It is very difficult to be humble if you arealways successful, so God chastises us with failure at times in order to humbleus.”

“An unquiet spirit, a grasping desire to haveour own way so frequently robs us of our joy.”

“The Christian is not just a good, decent, moralman; the life of God has entered into him, there is an energy, a power, a lifein him and it is that that makes him peculiarly and specificallyChristian.”