Online Prayer Meeting

Our connection method remains the same.  Prayer requests from Monday are listed below.

  • Click to join noon prayer time by video,
  • You’ll have to click “join”.
  • Please mute your microphones when you aren’t speaking (after the first 5 people join, the system will automatically start you muted).
  • We will be recording these sessions for those who cannot join at noon.
  • Overview of how Google Hangout works.
    • Note that step 4 shows what all the controls are.
    • If you click on someone’s picture the video stays with that person instead of jumping to the current speaker.  Clicking again reactivates jumping to the current speaker.
    • You can use “Chat” on the upper right to respond and share prayer requests.


  • To join by phone, dial +1 650-817-8304 and enter this PIN: 413 728 134#

Nathan Borntrager:

  • He is over tonsillitis, etc. that was really wearing him down.
  • The borders with Thailand and Vietnam have been closed. No one is really sure what this means or how it will effect life. There are also dwindling avenues for people to get home if they want or need to. It’s weird and disconcerting knowing that there may be no way home soon. Ministry is tough. All AIM short term teams were recalled to the US, and religious gatherings over 10 people are banned temporarily.

  • A lot of Cambodians have a perception that foreigners are carriers, and so they keep their distance. It’s hard to feel comfortable in a coffee shop or grocery store or restaurant. The other missionaries here found things the same way. We meet in small groups a few times a week to pray and worship together

Masha Bannikov: 

  • Is here in the US and wants to go home to Kazakhstan and is finding it difficult to get flights.

Natalie Trefts:

  • While my job at Camp is relatively secure at this moment in time, the part time staffs’ jobs are not. Because we don’t have a steady income to help cover the cost of labor, they are at risk of losing their jobs. These staff members sacrifice a lot of time and energy to help us run Camp during our summer camps and during the guest group season. Honestly, we wouldn’t be able to have such an effective year round ministry without these 9 part time staff members. Thus in this season that we don’t have guest groups, we are still wanting to provide work by helping us get projects done that we aren’t able to efficiently complete when we have groups here.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers, encouragement, and support!  I’m praying for you guys!

  • Steven and Savannah Nobles:  Their van was stolen while they were stopped for the night.  They retain their car and the trailer they are using.  They have rented a vehicle and are continuing onward to their new home.


  • Bob Peterson: Was in the hospital, weak, confined to room for quarantine period. Lars is staying with him.


  • Ronnie: After 9 weeks of non weight bearing, not walking have been walking since Thu 19th


  • Ben and Elsa: A bit nervous since Ben’s bank is in a supermarket.