PHBF Plans during Covid-19 restrictions

Dear PHBF Family,

In light of the request from health experts and government officials to avoid large gatherings for the next 15 days, the elders have outlined plans for how our church will continue to function together.

  1. We are canceling all meetings until at least April 1. This includes Sunday services, Care Group meetings, youth functions, Bible studies, and any other ministry programs. This also includes the farewell party for the Nobles family; to offer well wishes to the Nobles send those notes to Anna Brenning at [email protected], who will be compiling a send-off from our whole church. We are also closing our building to outside groups during this time.
  2. We will hold an abbreviated gathering online on Sunday mornings at 10:30. These online conferences will include a devotional for children, announcements, a time for congregational input and prayer, and a devotional from Josh. We expect these meetings to last around 40 minutes. We will be using Google Hangouts to facilitate these meetings, which will require you to have a Gmail account to participate. We will send that link by Saturday.  If no one in your household has a Gmail account and you would like help setting one up, please contact Cole Peterson at 303-356-7027 or [email protected].  Here is how to set up a Google account on your own.
  3. We will be asking our deacons, Care Group leaders, and elders to maintain close contact with the people under their care; so you might expect a phone call, email, or text from these people throughout the week.

As elders, our primary intentions during this painful and difficult time are:

  • to continue to feed our flock well and keep them spiritually healthy
  • to mobilize the personal and material resources of the church to care for those in need, both inside and outside the church
  • to pray for God’s blessing on our congregation and our culture during this tumultuous period.

Christianity throughout history has a rich legacy of stepping up and making a difference in times of social upheaval. The gospel gives us a hope, a joy, and a peace that our lost culture knows nothing of! It could very well be that God will use these grievous circumstances to accomplish more spiritual good in our country (and in our church!) than could have been accomplished in years of prosperous, secure normalcy. Let’s pray that He does!