Reconnecting after COVID

Springtime means the world is coming alive again—this year, in more ways than one! As COVID-19 continues its retreat, the elders have been making plans for our reconnection and return to normal as a church. All of this is tentative, of course, depending on how conditions develop, but here’s a sketch of our basic plans.

Beginning next Sunday, March 14, we are going to take more time for Communion in our services, though with a different distribution method than before. After the sermon, we will invite worshipers to come to the front of the auditorium to receive the elements from the elders, who will be gloved (per State guidelines for food service) and masked (per the State mask mandate). This will give us all a little more time to meditate, pray, and worship over the Lord’s Supper.

On March 21, our children’s ministry will no longer operate under physical distancing and room capacity restrictions, concurrent with the return of Douglas County Schools to 100% in-person schooling. On this date, our children’s ministry workers will also have the option to teach and lead singing without masks.

As soon as conditions allow—likely sometime shortly after Easter—we will return to a single worship service on Sunday morning at 10:00. We will continue to livestream to the gym (temporarily) and online (permanently).

Our first Sunday back to one service, we will start the morning with a breakfast buffet at 9:00, served outside in the courtyard. We would like to hold these “reconnection breakfasts” once a month all summer, concluding in August.

Over the summer, we’ll encourage everyone to participate in Dinners for 8—a low-commitment, low-key opportunity to get to know other people through 3 in-home dinners spread out over the 3 summer months. Other events are on the calendar as well—Baby Dedication (June 20), Ministry Fair (Aug 22), a potluck luncheon (Sep 19), and the Thanksgiving Dinner (Nov 21).

We will need lots of help for all this, so please let the elders know if you would be willing to serve in children’s ministry, organize a team to prepare food for a Sunday breakfast buffet, help set up tables and chairs for breakfast, coordinate Dinners for 8, or just help out however needed.