Response To Supreme Court’s Decision

Response To Supreme Court’s Decision July 13, 2015

It certainly looks like the Sexual Revolution has fully and finally won. With the Supreme Court’s decision on June 26 to require all states to allow gay marriage, our country has officially severed sex and marriage from that most basic relational reality: gender. It’s the climax of a revolt that began 50 years ago by publically and unapologetically severing sex from marriage and instead coupling it with personal expression. Along the way, the Sexual Revolution has spawned pervasive cohabitation, no-fault divorce, epidemic levels of STDs, a multi-billion dollar porn industry, and nearly 60 million aborted American babies. The 60s battle cry of “Free Sex, Free Love” has finally modulated to the victory cry of “Behold the spoils of our conquest!”

But Christians know better. We know God’s people aren’t “losing our culture.” That’s because two-thousand years ago, Jesus sent His followers on a mission to a culture that was already lost! We aren’t on a quest for a comfortable “family values” affirming society where we can nestle down and call it home; we are ambassadors for the King, eagerly pronouncing amnesty to all His rebellious subjects who will turn from their sin and flee to Him for mercy. This is what we do, friends. It’s what we’ve always done. Fox News doesn’t realize it, because they don’t have the gospel. But we do.

Christians also know the sexual revolutionaries aren’t really winning—at least not in any sense that matters. That’s because people can’t really break God’s Law. All people can do is break themselves upon it. Written into God’s world are basic truths, much like the law of gravity, to which human beings must conform if they want to thrive and prosper. Call it Natural Law, Truth, the Tao, the Logos, whatever. The wisdom of God is woven into the very DNA of the cosmos, and we defy it to our own hurt.

What this means for the eager revolutionaries around us is very simple. Many will try their newfound “freedom” and find it lacking. The happiness they sought and thought they would find will continue to elude them. Their conscience will continue to echo with God’s probing question: “I’m still here. But where are you, Adam?” And so some will abandon their futile quest and come to church looking for answers.

When that happens, will we be ready? More next time…