Sunday’s online meeting

Our plan is:

  1. Please connect 15 minutes early to be ready.  You must click “Join” and be approved and we don’t want to make anyone wait to participate.
  2. To begin at 10:30 and continue for 40 minutes with a devotional for children, announcements, a time for congregational input and prayer, and a devotional from Josh.
  3. You will need a Gmail account to use Google Hangouts . If you need help creating one, please contact Cole Peterson (303-356-7027).  Here is how to set up a Google account on your own.
  4. There are two options for connecting to the meeting:
  5. For best results:
    • Please initially mute your audio if it isn’t automatically muted.
    • You can also turn off your video if you’re corralling kids.
    • You’ll probably get the best speed by sharing a device with everyone in your household.

This is our first time using this technology at this scale and growing pains are likely but we hope this will be an encouragement to our church family.