The Benefits of Crime, 5

The Benefits of Crime, 5 March 14, 2010

Benefit #10 that the Lord brought into my life through the burglary at our house: I’vedeveloped a much deeper appreciation for how my sin affects God. Here’s what Imean. One afternoon I was complaining to God about how violated I felt by thiscrime—someone breaking into MY house, taking MY things, creating significantinconvenience for ME. And suddenly I realized how ironic this whole diatribemust sound in God’s ears, coming from a sinner like me.

How ironic that I would complain to God about how this crime personally offended me,when every one of my many sins was a profoundly personaloffense to Him. Ironic that I would express indignation about this crime to Himwho felt holy wrath at my sin. Ironicthat I would complain to God of my inconvenience, when the remedy for my sincost Him the life of His very Son. Needless to say, my complaints gave way to repentance.

Why have I taken all this time to review these 10 points? Wasn’t it overkill oncewe got past number 5? Here’s why. I am utterly convinced that “the LORD givesand the LORD takes away” (Job 2:21). I believe when “disaster comes to a city[or a family], the LORD has done it” (Amos 3:6). The bedrock of my life is theconfidence that God “works all things according to the counsel of his will” (Eph 1:11). Yet I also believe “He isgood and does good” (Ps 119:68) to His children all the time in everycircumstance. So why this 10-point list? Because I believe God both planned(not just “allowed”) our break-in AND accomplished a heap of good through it.God is both sovereign and good. This long list just gives meanother excuse to say it!