The Benefits of Crime

The Benefits of Crime February 14, 2010

Asmost all of you know, five weeks ago today one of our vehicles and our housewere burglarized. We’re grateful for the encouragement you’ve given and thelove you’ve shown to us in our small trial, and we want to thank you for that. Butthe main reason I’m bringing it up is to share with you TEN specific benefitsthe Lord has brought into our lives through this incident. (We’ll see how manyweeks this takes!)

1.   We got a dog—an answer to the earnest prayers offive patient children! The boys have been saving their birthday money for acouple years, and finally, just last Friday, we got them a lab pup. Obviously,we could have benefited from a dog’s intimidating “Woof!” five weeks ago, butat least now we’ll be more patient with all the little side effects that comewith our new home security system—vet bills, presents on the carpet, chewedtable legs, etc.! 

2.   God has dealt with two idols in my heart ofwhich I was previously unaware. The first is my false sense of security. ThePsalms are littered with affirmations that God is our refuge, our strength, ourhelp, and our fortress. But somewhere along the way, I had come to findsecurity in our deadbolts, our situation in “safe suburban Parker,” and my precautiousexercise of the Second Amendment. Nothing like someone stealing your shotgun to annihilate your fantasy of security! Is itprudent to lock your doors and keep your wallet out of sight? Sure. Butultimately, either God is my refuge and strength, or I have none. “God grantssleep to those he loves” (Ps 127:2).

(continued next week)