The Charles Simeon Trust

The health of the church depends on the preaching of God’s Word. It depends, in other words, on the proclamation of the Scriptures through the power of the Holy Spirit by preachers who honestly believe that the Bible is the actual words of the one true God.

The Charles Simeon Trust is an organization grounded in that conviction, which exists to train the next generation of expository preachers and teachers. Their ministry model is simple: two or three-day workshops where pastors and other Bible teachers gather to sharpen their skills in studying and teaching the word of God.

Simeon Trust workshops have three components which are spread out over the duration of the workshop. The first is instruction in methods of biblical exposition, explaining the essential steps of Bible study and strengthening attendees’ convictions about what it requires. The second is model sermons from skilled pastors, feeding attendees’ souls and deepening their understanding. The third—and the truly unique feature of Simeon Trust workshops—is small group interaction where each attendee offers samples of his/her own exposition on pre-appointed texts and receives the constructive feedback of everyone else in the group. It’s a risky and intimidating prospect, opening yourself up to the penetrating questions and critical suggestions of others! But in my experience, no other training tool has the same potential to sharpen your skills and enhance your teaching. Rick Eisenberg and I attended a Simeon Trust workshop last year working on the book of Ecclesiastes, and I have found that 3-day training session more helpful in preaching this book than anything else in my previous training.

Here’s why I’m telling you all this today. This coming week, eight members of our congregation will be participating in another Simeon Trust workshop, this time focused on teaching the book of Revelation. Our current elders (Jim and I), a few prospective elders (Karl Peterson, Rick Eisenberg, and Tom Benedict), and most of the other men in the new missions internship (Nate Borntrager, Ben Kurz, and Connor Parkinson) will gather with about 40 other men at CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, Wisconsin from Wednesday through Friday to work over this challenging and important book of God’s word.

Please pray for all of us to take the next step in our ability to teach God’s word. Pray that our time together would be filled with intentional fellowship and Christ-centered conversation. And pray for the energy and focus to gain as much as possible from our time together.