The Knowledge of the Holy

Last week I read an article challenging: “If you read only one book besides the Bible this summer, make it A. W. Tozer’s Knowledge of the Holy.” I’d agree. To entice you further, here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

“God dwells in eternity, but time dwells in God.”

“How completely satisfying to turn from our limitations to a God who has none.”

“Not only could God’s acts not be better done; a better way to do them could not be imagined. An infinitely wise God must work in a manner not to be improved upon by finite creatures.”

“God has charged Himself with full responsibility for our eternal happiness and stands ready to take over the management of our lives the moment we turn in faith to Him.”

“With the goodness of God to desire our highest welfare, the wisdom of God to plan it, and the power of God to achieve it, what do we lack? Surely we are the most favored of all creatures.”

“The trustworthiness of God’s behavior in the world is the foundation of all scientific truth.”

“In His infinitude, God surrounds the finite creation and contains it. There is no place beyond Him for anything to be.”

“God is His own reason for all He is and does. He cannot be compelled from without, but ever speaks and acts from within Himself by His own sovereign will as it pleases Him.”

“The greatness of God rouses fear within us, but His goodness encourages us not to be afraid of Him. To fear and not be afraid—that is the paradox of faith.”

“To know that love is of God and to enter into the secret place leaning upon the arm of the Beloved—this and only this can cast out fear. Let a man become convinced that nothing can harm him and instantly for him all fear goes out of the universe.”

“God’s love tells us that He is friendly and His Word reassures us that He is our friend and wants us to be His friends.”

“We know nothing like the divine holiness. It stands apart, unique, unapproachable, incomprehensible, and unattainable. The natural man is blind to it. He may fear God’s power and admire His wisdom, but His holiness he cannot even imagine.”

“To regain her lost power, the Church must see heaven opened and have a transforming vision of God.”