Tuesday Update

Sunday Recordings

We are making Sunday morning recordings publicly available.  Because of this we are not including on the recording the conversation beforehand or the virtual foyer “baby time” and Ralph songbursts afterward.

You don’t need to do anything differently, so you can continue to get to the Sunday 10:30 am service and the Monday-Friday prayer time at noon via our usual link.

It’s best to call in on Sunday by 10:20 and prayer times by 11:50 to minimize the wait before you can get in.

Click here to get to May 17th Sunday meeting recording if you were unable to attend or would like to forward it.

Partnering with Christians in Niger

Dear Karl,

We are shocked at your generosity, and we humbly give glory to God, who brought this to your hearts. I will confess that at the beginning we were dismayed when we saw the need. I was having stress headaches as people kept sharing; we felt overwhelmed. Now, one month later, there is $55,000 already provided. Who does that? Our God.

We have a feeling of security now that we can see a path of survival. We also want to be wise and be ready. Honestly, ministry in Niger has complications. As God reveals, we will steel our hearts for what is coming. Sometimes food scarcity brings child abandonment, and we find that difficult to handle emotionally. With this provision, the Christians will be able to share without fear of starving their own kids.

We cannot thank you enough for this act of kindness and mercy. While the airport in Niger is closed, we hope to be able to fly back to Colorado in June for a scheduled vacation to see our sons. Maybe we could meet then and pray together to thank God for his compassion for his people?

May God bless Parker Hills beyond measure,

Julie and Ken Faulkner

Hi Karl,

I wanted to give you an update. At the beginning of the project, we calculated the need to be $85,000. That was two months ago. We serve an incredibly generous God, and the project has received $90,000. We wondered how in the world we would raise $85,000, and then we heard from churches like yours, and it was amazing!

God is very kind to us in that he knows that sometimes we cannot handle the whole picture at once. And, while the support was flying in, the need in the villages was growing. We thought the need would grow, and we weren’t sure what that would look like. Right now, the estimated need is $100,000. I don’t write this to ask for money. God is clearly taking care of that part! I do want to thank you for your church’s incredible generosity – and to ask if you would please ask people to commit to prayer. We trust the Lord, and we need to continue to ask for prayer.

One of our growing concerns is safety for those distributing. The last time Pastor Tounkara left us he was being watched by a man who is known in that area as a leader of bandits. Pastor Tounkara returns today from the second delivery. The money was paid and the food was delivered, this time to 1813 people instead of 1717. We are asking God to keep Pastor Tounkara and his team safe and to continue to provide for the needs of his people.

We are also praying for there to be a way to purchase grain for the planting season that is beginning now. We don’t see that as our project, but something that does need prayer.

Thank you again for all your generosity. We hope to meet you this summer! The airport in Niamey remains closed, but our flight is June 10, so it could happen.

May God bless you,

Julie Faulkner