Update from Natalie at Camp Elim

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are doing well this beautiful September day!
It has been an interesting Fall so far in the way that we are way slower than we have been in previous years, and yet I feel like we are still so busy. I think one of the nice things about not having as many guest groups during this time is that we have an opportunity to breath a little more. During this “breathing time”, it has been cool to be able to spend time doing things that I wouldn’t have necessarily had a chance to do before. This has included being able to do Bible reading one week with the GAP students, participating in our staff chapel sessions Wednesday morning, leading a Thursday morning prayer time, teaching a nutrition elective class for a couple of gap girls, and co-leading high ropes training for the GAP students (which is way more stressful than I thought it would be!). I’ve also had the opportunity to go back to volunteering at Family Life Services sooner than I would have been able to if it was a normal year. So even though I wish things weren’t so different, there are good things that are coming out of this season.
I would love prayer for a few different things:
-Praise that God has been filling up our calendar with more guest groups! I literally just got off the phone with a group that is going to come up the first weekend in December.
-Prayer that our Men’s retreat will be encouraging and challenging for everyone that is coming up this weekend. Also pray that Karl Peterson will have peace and wisdom as he is our speaker for this retreat.
-Prayer for wisdom on how/when to get together with one of the GAP girls that I’m supposed to be mentoring. It is challenging to know when to just take the time to get together since their schedule is super busy.
-Prayer for wisdom on how to live life well. I would love to be able to set more healthy habits, which can be challenging when my weeks are constantly changing.
-Prayer that I will be able to fully invest in this season.
Please let me know if there are any ways that I can be praying for you!