Online Meeting Instructions


  • If you miss one of our online times, you can listen to the recording.

Connecting to Meetings

  • Click the Video link and/or phone +1 650-817-8304 and PIN: 413 728 134#.
  • Click “join”.
  • We record meetings for those who could not join at the time.
  • Please mute your microphone when you aren’t speaking but unmute it at the end to more easily greet people in the “virtual foyer” time afterward.

Participating in Meetings

  • We meet Monday – Saturday at noon to pray for about 20 minutes.
  • We meet Sunday at 10:30 AM for prayer, prayer requests, a devotional, kid’s time, and announcements.
  • Video link and/or phone +1 650-817-8304 and PIN: 413 728 134#.

Instructions for Google Meet

  • Overview of Google Meet controls – step 4 explains the controls.
  • If you click on someone’s picture the video stays with that person instead of jumping to the current speaker.  Clicking again reactivates jumping to the current speaker.
  • You can use “Chat” on the upper right to share prayer requests, ask questions, and provide feedback.
  • Showing a document
    • All:  Use “Present Now” toward bottom right of window
    • PowerPoint:  Choose menu item View, then read mode
    • Word:  Choose menu item View, then read mode
Improving Video and Audio
  • Even if your computer/phone/internet is not great, it’s usually more than good enough to work.  We do have tips as to how to get the best results on a videoconference.
  • Device Speed:  Typically a desktop is faster than a laptop. A laptop is typically faster than a phone.
  • Equipment Speed:
    • If you can setup near enough the WiFi router and directly connect with a cable, that will give the best speed.
    • Next best is to try to use a 5 GHz WiFi network.  The WiFi name usually has a 5 in it.  Check your settings/networks to see if you can use a 5 GHz WiFi.
    • You can test on to measure your speed.  Click the down arrow to get the extra data.  Adequate is 3.2 download and 2.6 upload but we typically see more.