Why Pray Together?

Why Pray Together? January 5, 2015


The famous Puritan commentatorMatthew Henry once said: “Whenever God is preparing to do something great inthe earth, He first sets His people a-praying!” God must be preparing to dosomething great, because we’ve been experiencing a growing desire to praytogether at Parker Hills. To stir up that desire even more, here are a fewreasons praying together matters:

  1. Congregationalprayer is a distinguishing mark of the New Testament church. What were theydoing while they waited for the Holy Spirit? Praying (Acts 1:14). …afterPentecost? Praying (2:42). …after a threat from the authorities? Praying(4:24). …when Peter was in prison? Praying (12:12) …when Paul and Barnabas werecommissioned? Praying (13:3).
  2. Jesus attached aunique power to group prayer: “If two of you agree on earth about anything theyask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven” (Mt 18:19). E. M. Boundspresses the point home: “The life, power, and glory of the church is prayer.Without it, the church is lifeless and powerless.”
  3. Furthermore, JesusHimself promises to draw near when we join with others in prayer. “Where two orthree are gathered in my name, there am I among them” (Mt 18:20). Want to be inJesus’ presence? Pray together.  
  4. Praying withothers guards us against Satan’s attack. Prayer is one of Satan’s primarytargets in our lives, so we ought to develop strategies to protect ourselves.As I pray with others, I find that my own private prayers are inspired andinvigorated.
  5. Praying withothers teaches us to pray more effectively. Effective praying is learned (cf.Luke 11:1), and listening to others pray is a very helpful way to grow in ourown ability to pray.

So, what are you doing onSunday mornings around 9?