Announcements for August 30

Sunday Service


In July we sent $5,000 for food relief in Zimbabwe where it is being used well.  We have glimpses into what it means for our brothers and sisters there.  Please read about our fellow Christians and pray for them.

Work Day

It’s time for Fall cleaning.  We are planning a PHBF church work day on 12 Sep from 8am-2pm.  We have a variety of tasks to…moving a half ton grate….fixing fences….lots of cleaning/sanitizing (windows, kitchen, nursery)….landscape maintenance….electrical wiring…and many other things.  Please come and chip in for whatever time you desire that day ….it is a different kind of gathering than normal, but it is one of the things that Hebrews 10:24 is talking about….and you’ll enjoy the fellowship.  Next week we will have more details.


  • We have online prayer at noon Wednesday.
  • Pray for our college students:
    • Shoshanna Howey to CCU studying Elementary Education
    • Nathan Dalke to Wyoming  for Mechanical Engineering
    • Brian Dalke to Oklahoma Christian for Mechanical Engineering
    • Lael Peterson to Cedarville University for Nursing
    • Jillian Smallwood working online and with ACC in general studies, planning for a Masters in developmental psychology from either CCU or Liberty.
    • Kathryn Smallwood completing high school and beginning general studies.
    • Emery King in the Camp Elim Gap Year program (led by PHBF Youth Group alumnus Calder Marriott).
  • Curtis Holmes (Christian Chaplain Services) is on hospice care and surrounded by children and grandchildren.  He sleeps a lot and has trouble getting around but wakes up to sing, pray, and talk. Pray for Mavis and the family.